The Other Side of a Review

Having previously read and reviewed Camron Wright's "Orphan Keeper," I was interested to see what was in "The Other Side of the Bridge," even though the back cover description turned me off.  Guy and a girl with struggles and living across the states, but mysteriously drawn to the Golden Gate Bridge?  Sleepless in Seattle?  Please... Continue Reading →


“Mustaches for Maddie”: I Won’t ‘Shave’ This for Later

I finally found a book worth posting about!  Please forgive my neglect.  It's been difficult to enjoy and analyze new and somewhat-okay books when I'm so flippin' excited for Sanderson's Stormlight 3 release in November. My last read might have been a foil, causing anything and everything to seem brilliant in comparison (it was terrible... Continue Reading →

The First Six Sparks of Michael Vey

So, it's been SUPER slow at work, and one thing we book store employees like to do (when all the shipment, organizing, cleaning/dusting, and regular customer service is complete) is "familiarize ourselves with the product."  In other words, we pick books off the shelves and read (I really should just use the library more often).... Continue Reading →

It’s a Small World War Z

I enjoy books that explore cultures and how they change with different developments.  Zombies are definitely a different development to change a culture, and Max Brooks explores those changes on individual, society, and global levels.  Brilliant.  This book isn't just about a world war against zombies, but about all the problems and solutions caused by a world war... Continue Reading →

Reviewing a Unique “Dune”

Thankfully, I saw the movie long ago enough that I wasn't too confused by the vast differences.  "Dune," by Frank Herbert, is one of the classics that helped define sci-fi as a genre.  It's set in a foreign solar system, but with such deep explorations of setting, culture, politics, and religion, it feels as real... Continue Reading →

“House of Leaves”: Horror at its Best

When first leafing through "House of Leaves," by Mark Danielewski, I immediately decided that it was a book I wanted to study.  I wanted a professor to go through it with me to pull out all the nuances, references, and context.  I love owning this book if anything for the opportunity to show it to other people.... Continue Reading →

First, But Not Only Book Review

The good news is I've read 9 books to review!  Two of those are from Brandon Sanderson's Alcatraz series, so I'll probably review books 2-5 together.  You can find my review to book one here. Anyway, the best way to say sorry for my absence is to prove my words: let me make it up... Continue Reading →

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