Query letters are similar to the inside flaps or back covers of books.  They are the first impressions, the pitch or hook (depending on your sport), to agents or editors.  I’ve decided to use this format to keep my promise to you, to share some snippets of my latest stories:

Explore the kingdoms of Elves, Dwarves, and the Rebellion through curses of the undead, fairies, lycanthropes, and magicians.  Destiny’s Curse is a fantasy of 50,000 words.  Readers who enjoyed Eragon and Robin Hood will love the journey of Nathe, a seemingly uncursed elf prince, as he must venture beyond the castle for the first time to discover his true inheritance.  Nathe takes his whip and traveling marketer dwarf friend, Vujio, as his guide through the kingdoms.  While evading his father, King Bazileuz, he learns the secrets of his friends, the kingdom, and his own dark past.

Music and story flow in harmony as characters and readers travel through our solar system.  Based on the moods of Gustav Holst’s symphony, “The Planets,” Planetarum is a sci-fi novella, during the breakout of war.  War is introduced in Mars, then followed by peace, news, celebration, time, magic, and mystery.

Shadow Raptors is a post-apocalyptic novel of 50,000 words where the world is dark.  Humanity has chosen literal blindness as protection from the mysterious and deadly Shadow Raptors.  Join Sunny as she fights for truth and immerse yourself in the psych of fears, imagery through all five senses, wayward family, falling in love, and the battle of conversion.

I have a BA in English from BYU, and have worked with the literary magazines of my high school and university as the editor of poetry and visual arts.  I’ve been published twice in LDS magazines, and have also been a main author in a collaboration novel.


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