Smorgasbord: smoer-gaws-boord, Swedish (noun): an extensive array or variety
Paradox: par-uh-doks, Latin (noun): any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature

Life is crazy.  And it’s great.  I like it that way, but craziness is a little hard to summarize in a blog – not to mention a title.  To introduce myself:

I love the forests and live in a desert
I play the harp and listen to heavy beat music
I photograph sunsets and flowers and draw fantastical beasts
I never had a childhood, but never grew up
I’m a devout Latter-day Saint who thrills in the macabre
I’m a fiction writer, writing my honest thoughts
I am C. Rae D’Arc

Reviewing books isn’t always easy, especially when you’re as picky as I am.  Let me explain why;

I’m a university graduate with my Bachelors in English which means I’ve studied, analyzed, and reported on novels and historical texts.  These reports have measured anywhere between a paragraph to 25-page essays.

I’m also occupationally involved in every stage of a book’s process.  As a writer, editor, retailer, reader, and reviewer, I currently have three part-time jobs….  Thankfully, one of those actually pays me.

This past year, I read an average 1,000 pages a month (just in my free time).  I use four different methods of reading (which allows me to read four books at once), including: paper/hardback, audible, kindle, and aloud with my husband.

I have posted my reviews on WordPress, Amazon, Goodreads, DeviantArt, Facebook, and Google+.  This blog on WordPress is my primary site, however, so if you have comments, questions, or requests please post them here.

C. Rae D’Arc


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