Rating Scale Explained

I’m a strict book reader and for some reason I try simplifying my crazy analyses to a 1-5 star rating scale.  Here’s the gist:

*1 star*: I hate it (and I don’t use that word often), and consider it unlikable even to those with different perspectives than myself.  This book may be burned and its author and publisher should be fired.  I CANNOT recommend it to anyone.

**2 stars**: I don’t like it, don’t care for it, and really don’t care to read it again.  I can, however, see someone else liking it with very specific tastes.  I DON’T recommend it.

***3 stars***: It’s alright.  It has its ups and downs, pros and cons – maybe it’s fantastic in one aspect, but utterly disappointing in another.  It’s balanced.  I likely won’t read it again.  I CAN recommend it if someone is interested in its specific genre or style.

****4 stars****: I like it!  It catches my attention though doesn’t necessarily hold it. It might be strong in 2 of the 3 story elements (character, plot, setting), but might lack in the 3rd element.  I DO recommend it.

*****5 stars*****: I love it!  I think Everyone should read it sometime in his/her life, and personally, I will happily read it over and over.  It’s strong in all 3 story elements and surprises me.  I PROMOTE it.

You may notice 1-5 is more like 1-50 as I add decimals to appease my indecisiveness. I may be picky, but I also try to be considerate of others’ opinions.  It’s very rare for me to hand out 1s or 5s.


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