“House of Leaves”: Horror at its Best

When first leafing through "House of Leaves," by Mark Danielewski, I immediately decided that it was a book I wanted to study.  I wanted a professor to go through it with me to pull out all the nuances, references, and context.  I love owning this book if anything for the opportunity to show it to other people.... Continue Reading →


Fact: “The Book of Mormon”

BONUS BOOK REVIEW!  I don't know why I don't include my daily scripture reading in my book count.  Anyway, I didn't warn you about this, but here's a book review on "The Book of Mormon," because I finished it last week.  In my personal studies, I'm now beginning "The Bible's" "The Old Testament" and am in... Continue Reading →

Reader’s Cramp

Sorry I didn't post any book reviews this week.  The funny thing is, I actually read a LOT the past couple days.  I'm currently reading "Alloy of Law," by Brandon Sanderson with my husband, "War of the Worlds," by HG Wells on my Kindle, "A Dirty Job," by Christopher Moore on my Audible, and "The... Continue Reading →

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