Cove on the Second Gear

I recently reviewed the first book to J. Scott Savage's Cove series, "Fires of Invention," knowing I'd soon get the chance to read the second one, "Gears of Revolution."  WARNING: If you don't want the first book SPOILED, come back to this review later.  That said, I highly suggest you read the first book before thumbing... Continue Reading →


More Random than a Bent Sword

I first read Stephen Gashler's "Prisoner of the Mole People" last year, and true to this author's character, his books are random.  If you want to be surprised and completely unable to guess what's coming, keep tabs on this author and his books. Written for a middle reader's audience, "The Bent Sword" is about a medieval... Continue Reading →

Einstein and Demons

I'm beginning this review with a little personal note, but I'll tie it in quickly.  First of all, I love the 1999 film "The Mummy." (If you watched this movie when you were younger and were completely terrified, do yourself a favor and watch it again, thinking of it as an "Indiana Jones" spoof.  It's... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “The Mysterious Island”

Oh, Jules Verne.  You would never be published by today's standards.  For your time period, yes, you were brilliant, and ahead of your era, and I'm pretty sure any of your characters alone would dominate Survivor. "The Mysterious Island," seemed like Mr. Verne's thoughts of how modern people would colonize if they had every resource... Continue Reading →

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