The Rest of Alcatraz Versus Evil Librarians

You can find my review of the first book in this series here>> Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians In case you haven't read the first book, or have less interest in this randomly hilarious series, I figured I'd blog my reviews for each of these books within a single post. Alcatraz is on his way... Continue Reading →


Stranger than Alcatraz and Librarians

Funny enough, Brandon Sanderson's series of "Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians" was recommended to me by my husband and my sister.  She listened to this series and described them as hilarious and breaking the norm.  Yep. Alcatraz is your average teenage orphan... except he's not an orphan, and he's not average - he has a... Continue Reading →

Sanderson Unbounded

For any reader following Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, "Arcanum Unbounded" is a must-have.  I already owned (and reviewed) "Sixth of Dusk," "Emperor's Soul," and "White Sand" (and I suggest buying "White Sand" and "Shadows Beneath" separately for the extra content), but we bought the collection for the six other short stories and novellas.  I also found fascinating... Continue Reading →

White Sand: Graphic Novel Review

I've now read three graphic novels.  Funny enough, my first two were for a university class (though not for the class I audited twice with Prof. Sanderson). "White Sand" is unlike any other Brandon Sanderson novel, in that it's primarily read through pictures.  Growing up, I read the Sunday comics and "Maus" 1&2 at university, but it... Continue Reading →

Sanderson Shorts

My husband loves all Brandon Sanderson stories, so I bought these for his birthday.  Surprisingly, I read them before he did. Mitosis: I was a little surprised it was only 44 pages long.  I bought the hardcover, but found out the second half of the book was a preview for "Firefight."  It did have interesting... Continue Reading →

Possibilities in “The Bands of Mourning”

Congratulations, Brandon Sanderson.  You've impressed me.  Again.  I know I didn't have a lot to say about "Alloy of Law" or "Shadows of Self," but "Bands of Mourning" returns to the epic chaos and discovery of the "Mistborn" series. For most of the book, you're balancing between two main plot ideas, including 1. trying to find a... Continue Reading →

Calamity of the Reckoners Finale

I've been pretty spoiled so far this year, concerning the great books I've read.  Sure, there were two 2-star books in the beginning, but lately I've been diving into some great books.  Maybe my expectations were 'epic level,' but somehow I wasn't as impressed by Brandon Sanderson's "Calamity." As the finale of the Reckoner's series (beginning... Continue Reading →

Shadows of Self

Similar to "Alloy of Law," I don't really have any strong feelings about "Shadows of Self," by Brandon Sanderson.  I don't know, maybe once I start writing about it, I'll figure out what's going through my head. 😛 The characters of Wax and Wayne are intriguing and humorous to follow, and the setting is a... Continue Reading →

Requests! :D

Hey, so you may have noticed the revamped site and switched around widgets and menus to cater to your needs (or at least, that's their intention).  One of these additions is a Review Request (seen to the right) >>>>> Even though I have a few lists of classics and contemporary novels to read, I figure... Continue Reading →

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