32 Years After “1984”

It's been 'mind-numbing' waiting for this book review....  I remember my first introduction to George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" being in 7th grade, we read the Reader's Digest snippet of the first few pages.  I remember that being my introduction to the dystopia genre and having my mind blown. Other than that, I had no idea... Continue Reading →


“Cove: Fires” Up

Sorry, I've been slacking in life lately, but it's Not because I've been too busy catching Pokemon (though I did start that this weekend). 😉 "Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention," by J. Scott Savage is a middle grade book, and feels like one.  It's a classic distopia with a flair of steampunk, and it takes... Continue Reading →

“Resist” the Stereotype

From my work, I get the rare opportunity to read books before they've been released.  You can find "Resist," by Ilima Todd, on bookshelves on July 5th. "Resist" is the sequel to "Remake," which is the currently overused "teenage girl in a controlled distopia - escapes and joins the rebellion with a love triangle."  What separates this... Continue Reading →

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