First, But Not Only Book Review

The good news is I've read 9 books to review!  Two of those are from Brandon Sanderson's Alcatraz series, so I'll probably review books 2-5 together.  You can find my review to book one here. Anyway, the best way to say sorry for my absence is to prove my words: let me make it up... Continue Reading →


The Classic Vampire: Count Dracula

Here's another classic I knew nothing about.  All I knew about vampires was from today's pop culture (Buffy, Twilight, Hotel Transylvania...).  I know, it was pathetic, which was why I took it upon myself to finally read the original. I understand vampires originated from folklore, so Bram Stoker's "Dracula" wasn't the creation of vampires, but... Continue Reading →

“Key of Kilenya”

I met Andrea Pearson in person before knowing about any of her books - but oddly enough, that's how I was with Brandon Sanderson too.  What impressed me about Mrs. Pearson is the fact that she writes purely for eBooks and has made it work.  I wasn't terribly impressed with her "Discern" (earlier book review... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Mist

Back in January, I said I was done with Stephen King for a while because of the vulgarity.  Then I got a new idea for a horror novel, which meant I needed to study up a bit on the genre.  That was when I ran into "The Mist," originally in a collection of Mr. King's short... Continue Reading →

Review for “Six Wings”

You know I'm pretty hard to impress, but"Six Wings" by Kylie Malchus actually surprised me... in fact, I'd even say I was impressed. "Six Wings" is a story about a young man who dies and is forced to watch his wife learn to live without him.  Ms. Malchus does a great job of portraying the... Continue Reading →

Einstein and Demons

I'm beginning this review with a little personal note, but I'll tie it in quickly.  First of all, I love the 1999 film "The Mummy." (If you watched this movie when you were younger and were completely terrified, do yourself a favor and watch it again, thinking of it as an "Indiana Jones" spoof.  It's... Continue Reading →

“Discern” and “The Princess Bride”

Wow, it's been a busy week!  I finished "Discern," by Andrea Pearson (my digital book), "The Princess Bride," by William Goldman (my read-aloud book), and "Steelheart," by Brandon Sanderson (my hardcover book) within this last week!  I'll give you a review on the first two today, and since I'm mostly already through "Steelheart"'s sequel, "Firefight,"... Continue Reading →

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