Sanderson Unbounded

For any reader following Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, "Arcanum Unbounded" is a must-have.  I already owned (and reviewed) "Sixth of Dusk," "Emperor's Soul," and "White Sand" (and I suggest buying "White Sand" and "Shadows Beneath" separately for the extra content), but we bought the collection for the six other short stories and novellas.  I also found fascinating... Continue Reading →


Possibilities in “The Bands of Mourning”

Congratulations, Brandon Sanderson.  You've impressed me.  Again.  I know I didn't have a lot to say about "Alloy of Law" or "Shadows of Self," but "Bands of Mourning" returns to the epic chaos and discovery of the "Mistborn" series. For most of the book, you're balancing between two main plot ideas, including 1. trying to find a... Continue Reading →

Analyzing the Alloys

I'm having a hard time deciding my perspective on Brandon Sanderson's "Alloy of Law."  I don't have any strong feelings about it, other than: it wasn't what I expected (pace-wise).  At this point, I've read a lot of Brandon Sanderson books, and overall, I'm a fan.  This book follows a different plot structure though, which... Continue Reading →

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