First, But Not Only Book Review

The good news is I've read 9 books to review!  Two of those are from Brandon Sanderson's Alcatraz series, so I'll probably review books 2-5 together.  You can find my review to book one here. Anyway, the best way to say sorry for my absence is to prove my words: let me make it up... Continue Reading →


Deadly Inheritance: It’s not about the Money.

Clair Poulson's a popular suspense writer among the LDS community, and it's been a few years since I read his "Don't Cry Wolf," so I thought I'd check out his newest book, "Deadly Inheritance." As a suspense author, Mr. Poulson's got some good things going for him with his background in judicial law and pumping out new... Continue Reading →

Einstein and Demons

I'm beginning this review with a little personal note, but I'll tie it in quickly.  First of all, I love the 1999 film "The Mummy." (If you watched this movie when you were younger and were completely terrified, do yourself a favor and watch it again, thinking of it as an "Indiana Jones" spoof.  It's... Continue Reading →

Running Through “Mr. Mercedes”

My motivation for finishing "Mr. Mercedes," by Stephen King, was my library due-date, and I had already used my renewal.  My original plan was to read his new book, "Finders Keepers," but thought it would be better to read the introductions to the characters in "Mr. Mercedes" first.  However, when I returned the book today at... Continue Reading →

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