Sanderson Shorts

My husband loves all Brandon Sanderson stories, so I bought these for his birthday.  Surprisingly, I read them before he did. Mitosis: I was a little surprised it was only 44 pages long.  I bought the hardcover, but found out the second half of the book was a preview for "Firefight."  It did have interesting... Continue Reading →


Calamity of the Reckoners Finale

I've been pretty spoiled so far this year, concerning the great books I've read.  Sure, there were two 2-star books in the beginning, but lately I've been diving into some great books.  Maybe my expectations were 'epic level,' but somehow I wasn't as impressed by Brandon Sanderson's "Calamity." As the finale of the Reckoner's series (beginning... Continue Reading →

The Reckoners Books 1&2 by Brandon Sanderson

Part two of a wonderful weekend that nobody around me understood: Okay, I read "Steelheart" and "Firefight" in hardback, but the concept is still there! To be honest- hold on- I'm always brutally honest in book reviews, so let's scratch that.  To be honest, "Steelheart" didn't grab and hold me as Sanderson's other books.  It felt... Continue Reading →

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