The First Six Sparks of Michael Vey

So, it's been SUPER slow at work, and one thing we book store employees like to do (when all the shipment, organizing, cleaning/dusting, and regular customer service is complete) is "familiarize ourselves with the product."  In other words, we pick books off the shelves and read (I really should just use the library more often).... Continue Reading →


Reviewing a Unique “Dune”

Thankfully, I saw the movie long ago enough that I wasn't too confused by the vast differences.  "Dune," by Frank Herbert, is one of the classics that helped define sci-fi as a genre.  It's set in a foreign solar system, but with such deep explorations of setting, culture, politics, and religion, it feels as real... Continue Reading →

Sanderson Unbounded

For any reader following Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, "Arcanum Unbounded" is a must-have.  I already owned (and reviewed) "Sixth of Dusk," "Emperor's Soul," and "White Sand" (and I suggest buying "White Sand" and "Shadows Beneath" separately for the extra content), but we bought the collection for the six other short stories and novellas.  I also found fascinating... Continue Reading →

32 Years After “1984”

It's been 'mind-numbing' waiting for this book review....  I remember my first introduction to George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" being in 7th grade, we read the Reader's Digest snippet of the first few pages.  I remember that being my introduction to the dystopia genre and having my mind blown. Other than that, I had no idea... Continue Reading →

Beginning the “Foundation”

I needed to keep reminding myself that Isaac Asimov wrote the first three "Foundation" books in the 60s.  Whenever they said "computer," it meant a person, not a device.  It helped that a large basis for the story was the uses of nuclear power for everyday technology.  Yeah, that sounds like an idea spawned from the... Continue Reading →

It’s About Time

It's about time I wrote another book review blog post, and guess what?  It's about time... literally. Though, in case you're interested, I succeeded my Camp NaNoWriMo goal!  While I'm sorry I didn't have any time for reading, by doubling my usual writing goal, I was able to finish my novel and get a heavy... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Heaven’s Shadow

"Heaven's Shadow," by Jeff Downs, is an older and less popular book, so I'll keep this brief. In my mind, I can quickly and easily summarize this entire book as a "Covenant Communications' teen space novel."  This is how it breaks down: Space: it's set in another system of two worlds. Teen: Coming of age novel with... Continue Reading →

War of Words

I found it really interesting to read one of the first of the popular apocalyptic novels. For only about 40 years after Jules Verne, the science fiction genre has developed a lot. H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" reads much closer to a modern story telling with deeper character development and heavier plot structure. Even still, there's... Continue Reading →

Reader’s Cramp

Sorry I didn't post any book reviews this week.  The funny thing is, I actually read a LOT the past couple days.  I'm currently reading "Alloy of Law," by Brandon Sanderson with my husband, "War of the Worlds," by HG Wells on my Kindle, "A Dirty Job," by Christopher Moore on my Audible, and "The... Continue Reading →

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