The Mysterious Mist

Back in January, I said I was done with Stephen King for a while because of the vulgarity.  Then I got a new idea for a horror novel, which meant I needed to study up a bit on the genre.  That was when I ran into "The Mist," originally in a collection of Mr. King's short... Continue Reading →


Running Through “Mr. Mercedes”

My motivation for finishing "Mr. Mercedes," by Stephen King, was my library due-date, and I had already used my renewal.  My original plan was to read his new book, "Finders Keepers," but thought it would be better to read the introductions to the characters in "Mr. Mercedes" first.  However, when I returned the book today at... Continue Reading →

Requests! :D

Hey, so you may have noticed the revamped site and switched around widgets and menus to cater to your needs (or at least, that's their intention).  One of these additions is a Review Request (seen to the right) >>>>> Even though I have a few lists of classics and contemporary novels to read, I figure... Continue Reading →

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