Reflections on Heaven’s Shadow

"Heaven's Shadow," by Jeff Downs, is an older and less popular book, so I'll keep this brief. In my mind, I can quickly and easily summarize this entire book as a "Covenant Communications' teen space novel."  This is how it breaks down: Space: it's set in another system of two worlds. Teen: Coming of age novel with... Continue Reading →


“Discern” and “The Princess Bride”

Wow, it's been a busy week!  I finished "Discern," by Andrea Pearson (my digital book), "The Princess Bride," by William Goldman (my read-aloud book), and "Steelheart," by Brandon Sanderson (my hardcover book) within this last week!  I'll give you a review on the first two today, and since I'm mostly already through "Steelheart"'s sequel, "Firefight,"... Continue Reading →

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