It’s a Small World War Z

I enjoy books that explore cultures and how they change with different developments.  Zombies are definitely a different development to change a culture, and Max Brooks explores those changes on individual, society, and global levels.  Brilliant.  This book isn't just about a world war against zombies, but about all the problems and solutions caused by a world war... Continue Reading →


“House of Leaves”: Horror at its Best

When first leafing through "House of Leaves," by Mark Danielewski, I immediately decided that it was a book I wanted to study.  I wanted a professor to go through it with me to pull out all the nuances, references, and context.  I love owning this book if anything for the opportunity to show it to other people.... Continue Reading →

Sanderson Unbounded

For any reader following Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, "Arcanum Unbounded" is a must-have.  I already owned (and reviewed) "Sixth of Dusk," "Emperor's Soul," and "White Sand" (and I suggest buying "White Sand" and "Shadows Beneath" separately for the extra content), but we bought the collection for the six other short stories and novellas.  I also found fascinating... Continue Reading →

32 Years After “1984”

It's been 'mind-numbing' waiting for this book review....  I remember my first introduction to George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" being in 7th grade, we read the Reader's Digest snippet of the first few pages.  I remember that being my introduction to the dystopia genre and having my mind blown. Other than that, I had no idea... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Mist

Back in January, I said I was done with Stephen King for a while because of the vulgarity.  Then I got a new idea for a horror novel, which meant I needed to study up a bit on the genre.  That was when I ran into "The Mist," originally in a collection of Mr. King's short... Continue Reading →

Running Through “Mr. Mercedes”

My motivation for finishing "Mr. Mercedes," by Stephen King, was my library due-date, and I had already used my renewal.  My original plan was to read his new book, "Finders Keepers," but thought it would be better to read the introductions to the characters in "Mr. Mercedes" first.  However, when I returned the book today at... Continue Reading →

Dirtier than “A Dirty Job”

My moral bubble was stabbed like a pin cushion on this one.  I'm surprised I actually finished Christopher Moore's "A Dirty Job" with my audible shouting the F-bomb every 10 seconds.  That's not even counting the sexual innuendos and blatant crude jokes and scenes.  It's really hard for me to separate the story from the... Continue Reading →

Wrapping my Head around “Brain Web”

To start off, I really enjoyed Douglas E. Richards' "Wired."  He presents intriguing ideas through science and technology, and explores every possible scenario of where new discoveries could take us (how they could be used, misused, and abused).  I like his writing because he obviously does his research and presents it in a fashion that's... Continue Reading →

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